February board of directors meeting

The latest Retreats HOA Board of Directors meeting was held on February 22nd.  Poor organization at the previous meeting and some frustrations boiling over, resulted in the meeting ending in a very unsatisfactory manner.   This time, the board meeting was kept on track by Cindy Moreno.  While she kept the topics running, she did allow some questions from the floor to ask for clarifications on the board discussions.  In the open forum section of the meeting, there were a couple of ad-hoc questions/comments that the board listened to, but the bulk of the time was spent discussing (or not discussing) some questions that had been sent to the board prior to the meeting.   These questions were the result of a prior meeting between the residents of the Retreats North, so that they could present a unified (and initially) small selection of issues for the board to address.  However, there should have been no surprises, as these were all issues that ad been raised at previous board meetings, but once again, the board treated these issues/concerns as if it’s the first time they have heard them.  Despite having had these issues for a number of days prior to the meeting, they still wanted time to research their responses.  There was a verbal commitment to holding another HOA Board of Directors meeting within a month to provide the appropriate answers/response.

Notable by their absence from the meeting were two of the builder nominated directors.  A cynic could infer that this was because the builder is trying to back out of the HOA subsidy agreement by shifting units planned for phase 8 of the Retreats into phase 2, triggering the end of the agreement.  This is also after one of those directors gave a verbal commitment to continue the subsidy for another 12 months at the previous (October 5th) meeting.

The board has not historically released minutes to the meeting, so the residents have started keeping their own meeting notes. Hopefully this will help both the board and members remember what discussed.

All in all, this last meeting has some promise of finally getting some of the issues addressed – but only if the board actually follows through on their committments.

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