HOA meeting update

Well, it was a pretty interesting meeting.  After the main agenda items, the floor was opened to the attendees and the first item really let fly at the current board.  Piling on criticism (some of it personal) for poor procedural management of the meeting, failing to follow appropriate legal requirements (for meetings)  and failing to respond to HOA member issues.  This put the board on the defensive for the rest of the meeting.  The main to-do item from the previous meeting was to investigate replacing the current landscape services.  As far as we can tell, this action item is still being actioned, with board members meeting with an alternative vendor this week.  One could ask why it’s taken 3 months to setup a single appointment…

Most of the rest of the meeting was also spent discussing the general failure of the landscaping and potential drainage issues.  There was also a discussion about the potential fire hazard from the adjacent Country Club property, particularly as it relates to the area along the rear of lots 12 thru 15.  Initial comments on that indicated that a shallow trench could be dug, and lined with stone, to provide a defensible fire gap.

The one positive from the meeting is that there is a planned walkthrough of the common area on 10/20/17, where residents can highlight their concerns with the landscaping and drainage issues.  Please contact Landmark for more information.

Hopefully, the level of dissention displayed at the meeting got the board’s attention and they will come to the next meeting with an appropriate response to the residents.

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